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  • Southern Arizona with DigiCams — Mountains, Deserts & Tombstone

    Southern Arizona with DigiCams — Mountains, Deserts & Tombstone

    Classic DigiCams are great for travel photography because they’re compact and versatile. I take one or more with me whenever I hop in the car. You won’t get that high-end mirrorless quality, but that’s not the point of DigiCams—these small cameras have their own aesthetic. You wouldn’t expect a Polaroid to have the same look… Read more

  • How to Store & Travel with DigiCams

    How to Store & Travel with DigiCams

    I have a handful of Classic Digicams, and I found a great way to store them and travel with them. It was an accidental discovery, and I can’t believe how well it works. What is it? Meet the Evergreen 57 Waterproof Dry Box Protective Case! I already had this case to store film, but didn’t… Read more

  • Embracing Blur

    Embracing Blur

    Blurry pictures are cool. With Classic DigiCams, it’s not uncommon to get blurry photos. These old digital models just aren’t as quick as modern digital cameras. With ridiculous frames-per-second rates and subject-tracking continuous autofocus, it’s possible to get a whole bunch of nearly identical tack-sharp pictures within the time that a Classic DigiCam captures just… Read more