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How to Store & Travel with DigiCams

I have a handful of Classic Digicams, and I found a great way to store them and travel with them. It was an accidental discovery, and I can’t believe how well it works. What is it?

Meet the Evergreen 57 Waterproof Dry Box Protective Case!

I already had this case to store film, but didn’t need it for that purpose anymore. As I was contemplating how to store all of my DigiCams, I noticed that the cameras were a similar width to the inside width of the Evergreen case. So I put one in as a test, and sure enough it was a perfect fit. I then put the other five in, and they all fit. Plus the charging cords. The box sits nicely on a shelf, with the cameras neatly tucked inside. Prior to this, the cameras were just stored haphazardly in a drawer.

The best part is that this case is travel friendly. I can grab the case and stuff it in a bag or backpack or the middle console of my car. When I’m heading out on a roadtrip, instead of picking one or two cameras to bring along, it’s easy to take all of them!

The Evergreen 57 Waterproof Dry Box Protective Case is about $35 on Amazon, and well worth the investment, especially if you have four, five, six, or seven Classic DigiCams in your collection.

This post contains affiliate links, and if you make a purchase using my links I’ll be compensated a small amount for it.

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